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More than your destination – it's how you get there...

The Best in Leisure and Vacation Travel Farlie Travel Leisure Consultants are experts in worldwide vacation destinations and specialize in planning and organizing amazing vacations for our clients.

Family holidays to Disneyland, Disneyworld, Beaches resorts, the Big Red Boat or all inclusive properties in the Caribbean.

Sun holidays on our favourite beach resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic Cuba and Hawaii. We will pick the perfect sun destination for you ...whether it is a fabulous five star all inclusive Caribbean resort or a beautiful house with a chef in Hawaii ...or a quick trip to Las Vegas complete with fabulous accommodation and show tickets.

Custom Holidays to Italy, France, Greece, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Middle East or the Far East. Enjoy your own villa in Tuscany, an apartment in Paris, a guided coach tour through four historic countries or a fabulous cruise of the Greek Islands of Rhodes and Santorini – we are here to plan and manage your dream vacation. Among the many custom travel services we provide to our leisure travel clients, we design and produce beautiful and creative custom itineraries in house, offering our clients a complete visual guide to their specialized tours and travel services.

Interested in online vacation packages and sell–offs? Here is a tool to assist in searching some excellent vacation packages. Choose your destinations and your travel times and FARLIE ONLINE will offer you some excellent options. Of course, our experienced and talented consultants are always available to answer your questions about your travel plans..


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